Benefits of The Crash Pad:

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  • Substantially reduces driver crash shock load and spinal impact forces.
  • Works like a shock absorber in your seat.
  • Creates the critical space needed under you to dissipate impact energy and spread it over a longer period of time.
  • Reusable - recovers to original capability in seconds – ready to go again
  • Simple - just put the Crash Pad in your seat and go
  • Take it with you from ride to ride
  • Removes quickly to wash the car- wipes clean with damp cloth
  • Adjustable - fits 14" to 18" width seats and cuts to shape.
  • Adjustable thickness - 1/2" layers can be added or removed for 1" to 3" thickness.
  • US Military testing found this material BEST to reduce the risk of spinal injury in severe seat bottom impact.
  • Proven tough, high quality outer covering
  • Does not support flame
  • Unchanged  "seat of the pants"  feel of the car
  • Bonus – it is super comfortable- eliminates pressure points.

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