We've added an older frame machine to our equipment repertoire.  It extends our body repair capability for minor collision repairs.  We've also done some spray on bed liners that have come out very nicely.  Don't forget we accept overall paint jobs, have a racing shock dyno and more!

Auto Body Repair and Painting

I used to be in the Auto Body Repair and Painting business full-time under the name of Old Carlisle Automotive, north of Dover, PA at Mt. Royal.  We built our own spray booth at my current location.  I've done classic car restorations, Fire Engines, Truck Tractors, appliances, classic antique farm tractors, sprint car frames (before powder coating became so reasonable) & bodies, vintage race cars and airplanes. This was a primary bartering skill with Russ Ruppert and saved me a ton of money over the years.  Most shops today turn down overall paint jobs . . . I don't. 
We're working to expand our Auto Body Repair services.

Shock Dyno machine

Shock Dyno

I have an ND Tech Shock Dyno.  Do you know how your shocks are REALLY performing?  When you put on that 3/8 LR shock, is that what you are really getting?  Does that 5/3 LF really help transfer to the RR?  You change shocks but still don't get the response you expected and you go looking for another problem
or change, when maybe the real problem is that the shock isn't what the numbers say it is supposed to be.  We provide a Computer printout with each shock's results. 

Torsion Bar machine

Torsion Bar Testing

Torsion bars are a similar situation to shocks.  Just because a bar is stamped as a 1.025 doesn't guarantee it is performing as a 1.025.  If it isn't, you need to know what its performance is, so you can use it accordingly!  Bars should be tested when purchased new to establish a baseline, and then periodically thereafter - especially if in a crash or you have run up over someone's tire or something.  Bad bars don't go 'soft', they actually go 'hard'. I recommend changing out a bar when it deteriorates 5% or so from its baseline value.  We can check used bars, but can't really tell where they may be in their life cycle without the baseline numbers.

Computer scale

Longacre Computer Scales

Running against a weight limit?  How close are you? 
How much fuel do you need to carry to the scales to be legal? 
You want to be as close to the limit as possible to maximize your horsepower to weight ratio.  Get our numbers for various load amounts, then compare to the track's numbers; 

adjust accordingly.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing

Keep your tire's contact patch on the track to maximize traction.  Balancing helps this as well as helping to reduce harmful vibration to your driveline.  We typically balance the wheel separately then the mounted assembly using two sets of separately identified weights. This way, if you have to do a tire change at the track, at least the wheel remains balanced.

Tail Tank Shell repair

Tail Tank Shell Repair

Some shells are economically repairable, some are not.  

We're starting to build an inventory of damaged shells to use as sections for other repairs.  We hope to build an inventory of repaired shells to sell to racers to save them some funds over a new purchase. We do sections with polyethylene plastic welding. 

minor welding

Minor Welding

Mig steel; Tig steel and aluminum.  I'm not certified, but I do my own stuff and trust it.

Spray on Bedliner

Collision Repair